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Expert Commentary by Marie

Abstract: The Human Resources function is struggling to justify its existence as a value adding internal resource. The reasons for this are many. The solutions require Human Resources professionals to re-cast the function with several new perspectives; (1) HR leaders are becoming business professionals first and HR specialists second, (2) HR professionals are becoming more fluent in the language of business and the cultural norms of the society, (3) HR is becoming a forward looking discipline rather than a backward looking discipline. The author discusses four examples of changes affecting the global workplace: compensation, managing human capital, evaluating work and cultural differences. He concludes with five recommendations of competencies that HR should develop in order to link their work to the performance drivers of the organization and become a strategic and valued partner. The following recommendations focus on the following themes; (1) fluency in basic business finance, (2) developing relationships with elected or appointed representatives in government to address inconsistencies in labor law, (3) linking HR work to the factors that govern your organization‘s decision making processes, (4) wholly integrating HR into all other departments, (5) developing competitive intelligence skills.


In today‘s hyper-competitive marketplace, organizations are forced to re-examine their business plans constantly. In doing so, CEOs are asking their subordinate department executives to re-think how they conduct their work and

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